Friday, 3 August 2012

Sad times

I wish I could be more upbeat but life has taken a sad turn for my family this last few weeks.  Firstly my sister was diagnosed with lung cancer, which has spread to other parts of her body including her brain.  As she already had COPD this was the worst news we could have had, and after collapsing with a blood sugar spike she is now in hospital 600 miles away from where I live, trying to gain enough strength to undergo radiotherapy and chemotherapy.  I made the journey to see her a few days ago and we had a lovely quiet time together when we were able to say the things we needed to say to each other.  I was lucky to be able to do this, as I know many people don't get that chance, and for that I will always be grateful.

I notice that both this week's "I am the Diva" and the "Zendala Dare" weekly challenges are dedicated to fighting this awful disease, so I will try to find enough time and motivation to participate, however if I don't manage to fit them in, please forgive me.

My other sad news is that our beloved 14 year old tom cat Gus died this week from congestive heart failure, which he had been fighting for several months.  He was such a lovely-natured, affectionate cat, and we are going to miss him so much.

Gorgeous Gus at the prime of his life.
Goodbye Gus, our old friend.  You were a brilliant boy and we'll never forget you.


  1. Lorraine,

    Prayers to your sister and hugs to you for both of these big events. I hope your sister finds the strength she needs and you find the strength to find joy in memories of Gus (I can see his brilliance!) as well as with whatever unfolds on the journey with your sister.

    Diane Lachance, CZT

    1. Thank you so much Diane for your kind words. My sister is critically ill tonight so all our prayers are with her. It truly is a comfort to know that somebody else in the world is thinking of us.

  2. Lorraine, I am so sorry to hear the sad news of your sister's illness and also to lose Gus at the same time, life is tough sometimes and almost too much to bear. Sending a hug to you.

    1. Thank you for your kind words Chrissie.

  3. So sorry on both counts Lorraine, I have read the next post as well, so I know that you have now lost your Sister. My thoughts go out to you and your family. I am so sorry that you have lost your lovely Gus at this time, my own cat, now 16, is getting to the age where I worry about her health. Sending you a virtual hug. Judith xx

  4. My old cats and I send you sympathy for your sad times.

  5. For Gorgeous Gus

    The Gift
    by Kathy Easter

    What a gift it is to have a pet,
    a friend who is always there.
    An ever-present confidant,
    holder of secrets quietly shared.

    I've talked to you; I've cried my tears,
    I've soaked your soft, warm fur.
    I've hugged you tight, I've held you close
    I've been comforted by your purr.

    I've laughed at you, I've smiled so bright
    as you ran and tumbled by.
    I've watched you vanquish hidden foes
    and chase errant butterflies.

    I'm sad that you had to go away.
    I'll miss you every day.
    In my memories you'll remain alive
    as my heart remembers your special ways.

    I know that you're in a better place.
    No pain, no suffering my beloved friend.
    I know you're chasing butterflies
    through fields of flowers at the rainbow's end.

    --Reprinted with permission

    Kathy wrote this poem for me when I lost my first cat, Calico, in 2001. She's since been joined by others from our furry zoo. Our Gus look-a-like Spunky Punky, is 16 years old right now and I know he will be crossing the bridge to join them soon.

    1. Thank you so much Judith, Barbara and Sue.

      Sue your sweet poem brought tears to my eyes as I remembered old Gus. I keep thinking of him and it helps to remind myself that he had a perfect, blissful life for a cat - miles and miles of wilderness to roam, hills and rivers to cross, hundreds of little nooks and crannies to explore and unlimited prey that sometimes even managed to get away(!), not to mention a loving warm home with a soft comfy bed and all the food he could eat - and even a cheeky little sister to keep him entertained, which she continues to do for us now he's gone. The day after Gus left us she brought me in a butterfly with tattered wings and dropped it at my feet. I picked it up and tossed it out of the door, thinking it must be dead - and to my amazement it flew off as if nothing had happened. It was a very special gift to me from little Flo, who'd obviously taken great care not to hurt it.

      I hope Spunky Punky (fab name!) has a peaceful and pain-free end when the time comes, and that you will find the strength to remember him with lots of smiles and not too many tears.