Sunday, 29 July 2012

Exciting news - my new sketchbooks are coming!

I've been working on some quilted linen sketchbook kits especially for Zentangle artists, and after some trial and error the first one is now completed!  Here's a sneaky preview of the sort of thing I'll soon be offering for sale on

The book itself is a quality Winsor & Newton watercolour-grade sketchbook containing 50 sturdy double sided pages.  I've made a removable cover from Japanese linen, lined with 100% cotton Osnaburg fabric.  On the front I've mounted a quilted panel of natural linen onto which I've sewn my own zentangle design using free-motion machine embroidery.  The back of the book has a pocket which holds the Zentangle kit, comprising of an HB pencil with eraser, two Sakura Micron pens in sizes 01 and 02, a mini set of watercolour paints and an artist's quality size 2 paintbrush - everything a Zentangle artist-on-the-go could want. 

I'd love to hear any comments you might have, or suggestions as to how I could improve this kit!

Front of sketchbook
Back of sketchbook
Contents of kit
 Thanks for looking!


  1. This looks gorgeous, and I would definitely buy one! If there were colour options that would be even better, but quite frankly, I love it as it is. Judith xx

  2. Thank you Judith, your comments are much appreciated! Every book will be a different colour and design, so yes, there will be plenty of choice - when I get my act together enough to finish some more!

  3. Your sketchbook sounds perfect for travel. I would love to purchase one when they are available!