Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Here I am at last! Diva Challenge #73

Well here I am at last in blog-land.  Not that I have anything remotely interesting to say today - I just thought I ought to set myself up so I have a place to keep all my pictures and thoughts together.

Actually I did do something different at the weekend - I opened a Flickr account and joined the Zentangle community!  I posted some photos of my landscape zentangles and I was so encouraged by the comments left by some lovely people, I decided to have a go at the weekly challenge set by I am the Diva for the first time, and this was the result:

Weekly Challenge #73: UMT v.V: Bridgen


  1. Fabulous twist to your tangled creation. Love your style.

    1. Hi Shelly! Thank you so much for finding me and giving me my first ever blog comment! I'm enjoying zentangling so much - it's become my new obsession and I can't believe I only discovered it a couple of months ago. There are some amazing zentangle artists out there and I can only aspire to reach their standards with a lot of practice.

      While you're here ;-), may I just say I found your own blog a few weeks back and I've been admiring your lovely work ever since. I particularly love your own tangles, especially Oke and Popsicles! You can expect to see them on my own work very soon and I hope I can do them justice.

  2. Now, that is a really clever rendition of Bridgen and very pretty, too.

  3. From reading your newer posts and now this one, I can see that you have a very original mind and sense of design! You do extraordinary things with zentangles! Welcome to blogland!

  4. Lorry - that is awesome... well done