Thursday, 7 June 2012

My first Zendala!

Today I entered my very first zendala into the weekly Zendala Dare challenge hosted by the Bright Owl.

Every Friday Erin provides a zendala template for us to use, and as Erin was in wedding mode this week we were only allowed to use tangles beginning with the letters L.O.V.E.!

I decided to try some new tangles for me, mind you most of them are still new to me!
For my L.O.V.E. tangles I chose:

Looplopp - corners (sorry, I don't know what those pointy shapes are called!) 
Lotsadots  - all over the place!
Organza  - hearts
Opus - rectangles
Vigne - border
Estrel - circles

I was worried I would feel rather restricted having to use "somebody else's template", being a bit of a control freak (oops), and this is one of the reasons I've avoided zendalas up to now - but I was wrong.  It was really enjoyable, and actually rather liberating, not having to do the initial worrying about where to start!  So I'll be joining in more often from now on!


  1. lorry - I am so pleased to have found your blog to see your zentangles. I always knew that you were talented and this is yet another dimension. Wonderful